It never ceases to amaze me how music impacts us. At the core it seems so simple. Nothing complicated, no studying or tests are involved. Music truly touches us at our core. I love that those little melodies and lyric phrases soak into our core and stick with us. And I do mean stick to us. Just yesterday, I was sitting at my church after a meeting and randomly an old Sunday School song was playing in my head and I started singing it. Now, this is a song I’ve known for over twenty years. It’s not a song I’ve sang in years and yet in the middle of my Monday afternoon it’s melody and it’s lyric came back to remind me of God’s truth. I know what you’re thinking….sure, Yancy but you’re really into music so it’s easy for you to remember old songs from long ago. Oh c’mon, you’re in the same boat. My husband who isn’t a musician and is no professional music database can start rapping inappropriate raps that he learned as a kid, at school, over twenty years ago. Music takes hold of us and plants itself deep within. That’s why I feel so incredibly blessed to make music not like the latter but that is filled with life, truth and promise that kids can learn now, to help them in their walk with Christ…but the cool part is the songs and truths will stay with them way into their adulthood. Ah, goosebumps!

So, as you probably (hopefully) know I’ve released a new “Little Praise Party” album named “Happy Day Everyday” for preschoolers. Just yesterday I was at a friend’s house and something came up about the CD/DVD they only got a week or so ago and immediately the child started singing one of the songs “Bye, bye, bye to fear. I don’t have to be afraid. Bye, goodbye to fear. God is always with me.” (Deuteronomy 31:6) Inside my heart was jumping because yay…the song is sinking in. The truth is sinking in. The promise that we can hold to and cling to whenever the storms of life come our way to remind us “Do not fear. God is with us” was sinking in. The Bible has promised God’s word will not return void. (Isaiah 55:11) The seed that’s planted in that child through that song is God’s word and it’s not going anywhere. Yippee! Hallelujah! Our God is so awesome and cool and the fact that I get to teach kids His word and what He’s done for us through these songs and through these videos is AMAZING!

Yesterday, I also read a message on Facebook from a preteen who was at an event I led worship at last weekend. I signed something to her and put Romans 8:31. She went home looked it up and then wrote me to say. “That’s cool. I remember that being in one of the songs we sang.” Yep, the songs can help her remember God’s word! Oh, the impact of a song + the Jesus factor is pretty wonderful I do believe.