Today is a very exciting day. It’s been nearly five years since Yancy released new music in her beloved “Little Praise Party” series. This first new release NOT ABOUT THE WEATHER is a Christmas song that will have the whole family dancing and grooving. Yancy excels at making fun songs your kids can sing and perform during the Christmas season. Yancy shared “The inspiration for this song was thinking of my friends that live in places where they won’t get a “white Christmas”. Myself included in that since I’m a southern girl. Most Christmas music thinks about Christmas through a winter weather lense but this song brings the focus back on what the season is really all about.” This song shares the truth of the season that “Christmas is not about the weather, it’s about forever.” Whether you celebrate Christmas in the cold and or the hot sun, this song will spread joy as you gather and celebrate with friends and family this holly, jolly time of year!

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