Some things you go through in life change you forever because of the mark that they leave. The inspiration for Yancy’s newest song “Ready Set Go” came after a life-altering trip to the Ark Encounter. Seeing the massive size of the ark Noah built, put it in a perspective that she couldn’t understand before. The big takeaway from the experience was OBEDIENCE. Noah obeyed! He heard God speak and he took action. Even when it didn’t make sense. Even when everyone else questioned him and probably laughed at him, he moved forward in faith and obedience. We live our lives today because of the fruit of Noah obeying. Yancy shared “I had the idea of Ready, Set, Go several years ago and just sat on it. I originally thought it would just be about the Bible passage: “running our race for the prize” But after learning this lesson from Noah I realized you can’t finish a race you never begin. So many people sit on the sidelines in life because they never begin the race God has for them. When I finally sat down to complete my idea this song took on a different tone than I could have predicted. I could have never written this song without learning how important our obedience is to do whatever God is asking us to do. Whatever God is asking you to do, DO IT. The ripple effect of our obedience is greater than we could ever understand.” In this youthful, catchy song Yancy lays her heart out there inviting us all to run our race. You and your kids will be inspired as your faith is invited to walk in obedience each step of the way. Ready, set, GO! 

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