“Holy Spirit Come’ is now available wherever you get music.

Are you ready for a miracle and a fresh encounter? This song is a prayer that every believer should pray. Inviting our helper to come and be present in our lives. Working and moving within us and through us on the earth. This worship song made popular by Patrick Mayberry is a song that will spark a fire. This is a battle cry for this generation for such a time as this. “We’re looking for a real revival…Holy Spirit come!” Encourage those you lead to lean in and lift up this song and prayer of worship. Yancy shared: “I’m not in the business of covering songs. I do it when I feel God telling me to. I loved this song the first itme heard it. After some time passed I heard it again and knew it was an important message and prayer this generation needed. I ran to the studio to make this version and am so pumped for it’s release.

Listen: https://sc.lnk.to/Yhsc-s
Watch the video with your family. https://youtu.be/6f1zaNUMoy4
Get the video for your Church: https://www.worshiphousekids.com/kids-worship-song-tracks/119090/holy-spirit-come
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