It’s here. My version of “Holy Forever” is available wherever you get music.


Worship is not something that starts and ends. It’s the sound of heaven and is happening continuously. We join in on earth to the song of praise that’s already being sung. This is a special song because it’s the song we were made to sing “holy, holy, holy”. Yancy put her spin on this worship song knowing it’s a song the Church must sing. “I always say I’m not in the business of making covers. That’s true. I record way more original songs than covers. But, there’s times that a song stops me in my tracks. It’s in some of those moments I know full well the song I want to cover and also lead others in live. “Holy Forever” became a song I was obsessed with. I think it’s because it’s the kind of song our spirit longs to sing” shared Yancy. So, it’s time to join with the angels and sing to the One whose names stands above it all! This song is timely for us on earth but it’s also the kind of song that’s timeless because God has been, is and forever will be…holy! May His praise forever be on our lips.

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