Today is the day….I’m pinching myself. I’ve wanted you to hear this song and it’s message for too long: 

COAT OF MANY COLORS is finally here! 

I’ve had some high highs in life but also some low lows. In one of those especially hard seasons I took solace in Joseph’s story and the words he said to his brothers “What you intended to harm me, God used for the saving of many lives.” I learned things in that hard season. My faith grew in that hard season. So much that has come out of me never would have if I had not experienced that hurt and pain. Whatever you’re going through today and whatever you may be feeling know that our God does work all things for good…even when we don’t understand how or why. My prayer is that this song will encourage you. I wrote this song for me….and I wrote this song for YOU. Allow God to heal and restore your heart so He can use your story for the saving of many lives, just like Joseph. 
I wish I could give you all a hug in person. Selah.

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Yancy has returned with a ballad about one of her favorite Bible characters, Joseph. “Coat of Many Colors” is Joseph’s moving story about dreams, brokenness, betrayal, conflict and restoration. We can all find a piece of ourselves in Joseph’s story. It’s the story of Heaven and the humanity of earth. “This song is one of the most personal songs I’ve written. Yes, it’s about Joseph but it’s also my story. I believe you’ll find threads of your story too. It’s about what happens when you allow God to take the broken pieces of your life that are beyond human repair and allow Him to do what only He can do. He heals and restores to make something beautiful out of our life. Don’t stay in the hurt places but rather allow God to be glorified in your redemption story. Take your broken pieces and give them to God to create a masterpiece.
We are God’s light bearers and when we allow our lives to tell the story of His faithfulness we radiate Him.” Press play and lean in. “Coat of Many Colors” is your song. So turn it up and share it with somebody who needs the reminder of this truth.