My friends over at WorshipHouseKids asked me to share some of my favorite videos.  I picked a few of my favorites from others and of my own. You can see, preview and download them all here.

Here’s WHY I picked the songs I chose…


1. Happy and You Know It by Amber Sky Records

One of my favorite songs! It’s a super fun one to kick off a service with or do anytime you need a song that is filled with energy. I love it because it demands participation!


2. Let It Be Known by iWorship

I recently discovered this song and fell in love right away. It’s a great praise song. Simple lyrics and melody-you’ll be singing along quickly! A true winner.


3. This Love by Amber Sky Records

The first time I heard this song was in Australia and I immediately knew it would be a great song to do with kids. I love a group of kids shouting that they are in love with Jesus. This song rocks and sings Jesus’ praise…it’s a true winner!


4.  Psalm 100: 1&2 by The Rizers

The Rizers have super fun scripture music. I love this one from the book of Psalms. The fun song rocks and teaches kids about praise as they sing the word of God. Super cool.


5. Trust & Obey by Uncle Charlie

I’ve always loved this worship song originally by Hillsong Kids. Teaching kids to worship is huge for me and this song is filled with a great confession: “I will follow You, where You’re leading me.” May that be our prayer each and every day.



1. Not Ashamed

WIth so many voices in our lives telling us to be quiet in our faith I love giving kids an opportunity to stand up, shout and be bold about their faith. I wrote this song for that very reason. The chorus is super easy and the whole room will be rocking out that “I’m not ashamed to say the name of Jesus!” Woo hoo… that’s what I’m talking about!


2. Better Than the Best Thing

I love finding songs that have simple, easy parts that people can singalong with first try. This praise song has proven to be one of those songs originally by Amber Sky Records. I recorded a version on my latest CD and I love it’s message!


3. I Love You

This is a powerful worship song that people catch on to quickly which is a huge win. I love leading this song and watching even the oldest boys in the class join in, lift their hands and sing “I love you” to Jesus. Ah, I get chills just thinking of it.


4. Thank You

I made a series of transition and segue videos called “Connect the Dots”. This one is one of my favorites. It’s so easy for us to get consumed with our life that we forget to say thank you to the one who gives us all good things. This is a powerful video to help teach that one of our responses in worship times and to show our thanks and gratitude to the Lord.


5. Our God Reigns

Kids are the best worshippers out there. Some kids just need to be given the opportunity to worship. This is a very simple chorus that’s repetitive. The bridge features a version of the Lord’s prayer.