Every once in a while, you see something awesome that you need to let people know about.  This is it.

In this world of couponing and online shopping I know we all like a deal! Well, time is ticking away on an awesome deal!

$97 for $1,377 worth of his Children’s Ministry leadership resources.

That’s right…you may or may not know that my Dad is a Children’s Ministry rockstar. Jim Wideman is my Dad. He has been in a children’s pastor my whole life and has worked, managed and led many other ministries within the church. In the area of leadership and going to new levels that you’ve never been before in your ministry I know firsthand my Dad rocks! He has a super sweet deal on ONLY144.com this week. Actually, there are only about 50 hours left so you better hurry.

If you know my Dad, you know his stuff is top notch (http://www.jimwideman.com.)  If you don’t know him do yourself a big favor and snag this before it’s too late.  This deal ends at 12:00 noon on Thursday, October 4.

You will kick yourself if you miss this!

A very proud daughter,


P.S. This deal ends in less than 50 hours.  Visit http://www.only144.com before noon on Thursday.

P.S.S. Follow Dad on twitter too @jimwideman