Acclaimed singer/songwriter and family worship leader, Yancy, has a great passion for helping point children to Jesus through worship. “Our praise is powerful. Kids praising God is the most powerful of all. I love leading kids in worship because it is so sweet and sincere. It is pure and unashamed. Nothing brings a tear to my eye like a group of kids lifting their hands and singing songs of worship. I think every time I experience kids worship I better understand how I’m suppose to worship. Worshipping God is what each of us were created to do.”

Yancy began leading worship and writing songs for the children at her church, filling a need for worship in the preschool age group. “I had no idea how God would use those songs and that it would grow into a series of projects. It was truly a ‘God’s dream and plans are bigger than we can comprehend’ scenario for me.” She followed God’s guidance and began to expand her ministry, creating music that was embraced by older children and pre-teens nationwide as well as their parents.

Her albums, Jesus Music Box and Stars, Guitars, & Megaphone Dreams are filled with rocking beats and rousing choruses, songs of praise that kids will be singing all week. With it’s energizing rhythms and catchy lyrics, “Better Than The Best Thing” praises Jesus’s great love and grace, exalting His name and declaring, “Jesus, You’re better than the best thing. Your love is making my heart sing. Nothing could ever separate me from You.” “Not Ashamed” is another great song that encourages kids to be bold about their faith. “I Love You” expresses a heart full of adoration for Jesus and the decision to live life for Him, singing, “I love You. With all of my heart I love You. With all of my life I love You. With all of my dreams I love You.”

Her newest release, Little Praise Party: Taste and See, teaches young children Biblical truths in an engaging and memorable way. “It’s a Happy Day” is a perfect song for Easter, rejoicing in Jesus’s resurrection, “Jesus is alive, It’s a happy day. C’mon everybody let me hear you say Jesus is alive. It’s a happy day. Let’s have a party and celebrate!” “Praise The Lord Every Day” boldly declares that we will praise the Lord at all times and with all parts of who we are. It’s infectious and joyful, integrating in a popular chorus that many people grew up singing during their own childhoods, “Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah. Praise the Lord!” “I want this generation to Taste and See that the Lord is good,” Yancy says, “and if they do that at an early age, I believe they’ll be able to have the relationship they need to have with the Lord so it doesn’t turn into one of those sad stories you hear about people turning their backs on their faith later in life.”

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