At some point the past year I came across a song called “Monuments”. It’s lyrics blew me away and stopped me in my tracks from the very first listen.

“One look at what You’ve done
Is A glimpse of what’s to come
Every miracle, Every step of faith
Every victory, rises up to say
We are the monuments
Of Your Faithfulness”

See for awhile I’ve felt like I was at an in-between space. There’s a whole lot of things that God has done in me and through me in the past. I’ve been in a season these last few years where it was less about what I was producing and more about what I was stewarding and pruning. I would be lying if I didn’t say that some days that’s a struggle. Some weeks I feel guilty for not making more new things. Because it’s easy for people to get excited over the new things. It’s harder for people to realize the thing that they just suggested you should make (because they haven’t found it yet) you have already made.

I spent the last three days at Orange Conference. I literally had back to back conversations with church leaders hearing about how my music has impacted kids and leaders in the communities where they live. It’s in these conversations and social media posts of photos and videos where I’m able to see its personal. I’m reminded what I do touches and impacts people. My melodies become their soundtrack and my lyrics become their prayers. In these moments I am able to stop believing the lie that I’m not producing more in my current season and be thankful for how fruitful my past endeavors have been. Let’s be real. It’s super cool to hear that your work from nine years ago is still bearing fruit. That the work is in the form of a song that they connect to and are still singing.

A few years ago as I was wrestling with a big decision I remember saying to my council “I feel like saying ‘yes’ would be the easy choice. Saying ‘no’ is the step of faith.” And that my friends is what walking by faith often looks like. It’s leaving the comforts of easy. It’s easy to not start when you haven’t finished writing the new batch of songs. It’s easy to not begin when all the money you need isn’t already sitting in the bank account. I’m reminded of Peter and Jesus when He walked on the water. Peter was able to leave the comforts of the boat behind as Jesus called Him out upon the water. But, Peter could only do it when his eyes were fixed on Jesus, not his surroundings.

Tonight as I was driving I had a vision of a giant body of water. Giant like an ocean but still surrounded by two shores. I was in the middle. If I turn to my left and what has come before I am able reminded that I started at the shore. Because of past obedience (faith) and action (works) I was to see the monuments and the testimonies along the way. Every triumph, victory and story is because of God’s faithfulness. To God be the glory. Again, in this moment, I’m in the middle of the water. To my right is what is to come. The other shore is my finish line but I’m not there yet. And I can’t get there without more obedience (faith) and action (works).

Cue me pushing play again on “Monuments” tonight. I repeated the song a few more times. I cried out to the Lord and I know He heard my cry. (Psalm 34:4) I love it when God connects the threads of our life to make things even more meaningful. The song “Monuments” was written by Mark Harris (4Him) who I’ve known since I was sixteen years old. He was there to watch some of the beginnings of my story. To think of how impactful this song is as I’ve waited in the in-between…and then see the glimpse of what is to come. That is my God. That is our God. I’m getting out of the boat and fixing my eyes on the author and the finisher of my faith.