Each year I head down south to Atlanta to attend the Orange Conference. (See all the fun we had in 2015) It is truly a conference like no other that focuses on not on family ministry but everything within that from preschool to college to even marriage ministry. Each year I hear messages that shake me and stick with me for years to come. Messages that inspire and challenge me to become the best me possible so I can give the best ministry possible. The worship is rocking…and I guarantee there is not another ministry conference that will keep you laughing and celebrating as much as The Orange Conference. Reggie Joiner and the entire team continue to raise the bar each year. I can’t wait for the 2016 event.

Today is a big day. Registration for The Orange Conference 2016 opens today, October 8! Join us at #OC16 to discover how to make what you do on Sunday matter more during the rest of the week. www.TheOrangeConference.com #ThinkOrange

Will what happens in your church on Sunday matter in someone’s life on Monday? MONDAY is when reality hits. MONDAY is when Sunday is tested. MONDAY is when faith has to work. So WHAT IF what you do every Sunday could matter more if you remember what really matters to most people on Monday? We can’t wait to discuss this with you at The Orange Conference 2016. The Orange Conference provides a place for YOUR ENTIRE MINISTRY TEAM to start connecting together in a way that will matter every week. That makes it easier to build a ministry that connects kids with a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN from zero to college. 

April 27-29 you know where I’ll be. I hope you’ll join us! I have Georgia on my mind.