We had an exciting weekend. After a couple great events in Memphis where Yancy did a concert for families and led worship for kidmin leaders we received the news that “Jesus Music Box” had reached #1! Yes, it’s true on both Saturday and Sunday “Jesus Music Box” had climbed the Amazon charts to be #1 on the Christian kids chart. This is awesome news. The new album has been out a month now and we’ve heard great reports from listeners of how much they love the new music many are saying is her best yet. Even better news for you is Amazon has the download mp3’s for only $6.99. So now, is a great time to get this new music for an amazing price. Don’t just stop with you, spread the word and encourage your friends to get this new music for their families too.


If you haven’t seen Yancy’s music video “Not Ashamed” yet you can watch it here. Spread the link on your facebook, twitter and via email as well to your friends and families. Your support and your voice help us do what we do. We appreciate you!

As we start this week let’s stand up for our faith and Jesus and let His name shine bright through our lives, in all we do!

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