Lately there’s been many Yancy sightings out there on various websites and publications. In case you missed them you can get caught up with the links below: has posted the following July 4th articles with statements form Yancy:

Part 1: Celebrating Our Nation’s Independence –

Part 2: Fireworks & Explosives –

Part 3: True Freedom Is Found –

Here is the link to Part 2 of‘s Father’s Day feature:

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Yancy is featured on page 31 of the new June issue of CCM Magazine, as part of the “Great Big Love” article.

Yancy is featured on page 10 of the April issue of CCM Magazine,

As well as featured on the hope page of

If you stopped into your local Family Christian Stores lately you may have noticed Yancy’s “Little Praise Party” music for preschoolers on display. This summer they have been featuring both CD’s and DVDs’ “My Best Friend” and “Happy Day Everyday”. If you don’t already have them for your family or church stop in and support Yancy’s music in your local store. Or, if you need a birthday gift for a preschooler it’s a perfect gift choice!

As you may know Yancy wrote and produced the music for Standard Publishing’s Vacation Bible School 2012 “Adventures on Promise Island”. Yancy has had a great time doing concerts at a few churches this past month who used the VBS curriculum. It has been a blast to sing along with kids live who have gotten hold of this music. It’s been such a fun way to further the ministry through the music that so many kids and families are experiencing at their own VBS. Here’s a video recap one church put together:

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