Yancy and friends are here with a new “Little Praise Party” song to honor the hardest working people out there, Moms. Day after day they put their families first. 
For years I’ve wanted to write a song to celebrate Moms. None of us would be here without our Mom. I am so excited that I finally have it done. “I Love My Mom” is a song that I pray will warm hearts and bring value and honor to all the Moms and ladies that take on that role for someone. Let’s thank them for how they love unconditionally and serve their families so amazingly well” Yancy shared. You may want to grab a tissue for this tender, heart felt ballad to honor all those Super Moms we know and love. Yancy continued: “I wrote this one to honor Moms and all the ladies that take on that role for someone. I can imagine a group of kids singing it to honor and give thanks for those special people. This song is also super special for me personally because my firstborn, Sparrow, sings on the third verse. It’s his singing debut and as a Mom to have this phase of his life captured on a recording gives me all the feels.”
The song releases everywhere today. Get it, go listen! Share it….dream about how you can use it to celebrate the Moms in your community. Thanks for spreading the love… P.S. call your Mom today! 

Video https://www.worshiphousekids.com/kids-worsh…/…/i-love-my-mom