Over the past four years I’ve worked with an organization called Christ In Youth on both their Believe and SuperStart events. Christ in Youth is based in Joplin, MO so as the news of the tornado that destroyed so much in that city hit I immediately thought of those there I call friends. Sadly, I found out one of those friends had lost their home completely…thankfully all lives were spared including a little baby girl that’s younger than my baby Sparrow. I couldn’t even bring myself to imagine what life without a home and all the comforts of such is like with their precious baby girl so fresh and new still.
A few days ago I spoke with my friend Patrick Snow who directs the SuperStart event to get a personal update on how things are in the city. He mentioned how many people have dropped what they are doing and travelled from afar to come help with the clean up. Many individuals and churches have brought truck loads of supplies which they are grateful. The tornado destroyed in addition to the homes about 1,800 businesses so as Patrick shared even those who did not lose their home are affected because they probably lost their job. Over the next couple months these people will need financial help as they wait for the jobs and businesses to rebuild and reopen. I asked how I could help and he suggested to giving to two churches (that I’m familiar with there) so they can distribute the funds to those that need it not only right now but in the months to come. I’m giving and I thought you would be interested also. Here are two different churches you can give to specifically for the Joplin Relief Efforts:


Another way you can give is http://bigfishtees.com/
A friend of mine works for this t-shirt company. They have printed relief t-shirts where all profits go to Joplin relief. They’ve already raised over $50,000 through these t-shirts so it’s a great way to give a little and be able to wear a reminder to us all of our neighbors and for some friends and family that are needing our help.

Thanks for praying about how you can best help. I know the people there appreciate it!