Everything has changed…

Life, work, school and even how we do Church and ministry has changed over the past weeks. I know first hand as a parent that I don’t need things to DO but I will jump at an opportunity to MAKE a memory with my kids. When I can intertwine fun and something faith centered it’s a double win as I’m fully aware of how each moment of this precious time we have together matters.

I love leading worship and having praise parties so I have created a way for us to partner TOGETHER for families to have fun together while doing something to strengthen their faith. You can now host a “Live from Yancy’s House” concert for YOUR church, school or group on your online platform. (Or maybe you host a virtual birthday party for friends and families.) You can host my concert on your church website, app, create a Facebook event or YouTube premier. I’ve recorded two concerts. You can get one or both for your group:

#1 For Young children featuring favorite Little Praise Party songs.

#2 For preteen/elementary kids featuring favorites from the Kidmin Worship series and Yancy albums.

Imagine the fun. Imagine the hallelujahs raised as families unite to make Jesus loud together!



How do you do it:

Step 1: Purchase a license for one or both concerts HERE:

Avg. Church Weekly Attendance// Choose 1 concert //Choose Both Concerts
Less than 250 – $149 //   $249
251-1,500 – $249  //   $449
1,501-4,999 – $399 //   $599
5,000 & above- $599  //   $799

BONUS: Yancy will include a complimentary customization greeting to your group for events over $399.

(For customizations orders must be placed by Thursday Noon CST each week for delivery on Friday each week.)

You’ll receive an online form from Yancy Ministries asking you for details about your group, etc. Watch for that email.

Step 2: Create an event.
Plan and start advertising your event to your families. Think social media, email, announce on your weekend service programming, etc. We will send you a link to photos of Yancy you can use in advertising. Create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know to the event for families.

On social media please tag Yancy in your posts. This way we can like and share them too. On Facebook to tag us just type @ and then start typing Yancy. You will see a golden photo of Yancy and that is the official Yancy FB page. Select it which will tag us so we can see your posts and interact. On Instagram and Twitter the username is @yancynotnancy

Step 3: Download the concert video file.
From Yancy Ministries to your computer (don’t leave on sharing site) so that you can upload and stream it effectively. You will be allowed to leave the concert up for 14 days but then it must be removed. The event can NOT stay up forever. We recommend that you have the CCLI streaming license and report the songs used during your reporting period.

Step 4: Engage your families.
Have staff and volunteer leaders present during the chat. Ask questions and engage the families that participate during the “Live from Yancy’s House” concert event. Encourage them to invite others and share or host “watch parties” of their own.

Book your ONLINE “Live fromYancy’s House” Concert NOW. Together we can make Jesus loud!