Yesterday, I received a humbling email and I want to share it with you. Although this story shares about me I want you to realize that we all have stories that are like these. As you serve others each day, through the way you treat others, the words you speak and the smiles you display you are Jesus to this world. Never underestimate even the simplest of tasks and things that may seem mundane. You just never know how close someone in your life is to taking their last breath. You through your life make a difference in this world as you plant seeds for the kingdom of God that will never fail and never fade for eternity.

Be encouraged today,



Good Morning,

 My name is Kevin Barnard and I am the minister at Powersville Christian Church in Brooksville, KY.  We conducted our VBS in late June this year with the theme of God’s Big Backyard.  We had several neighborhood kids there all week, and would never have expected the story that would follow for one family.

 Two weeks after VBS, a house fire would claim the lives of 5 family members in our community.  The father escaped with injuries, but the mother, 2 teens, and 2 children would loose their lives in that fire.  The 2 children, along with 1 teen brother, were involved with our VBS each night.  Although they never attended on Sunday’s, we could always count on them being around at VBS. 

 You always wonder what impact you have on the kids, and if they learned from the lessons, crafts, and songs.  As I met with this family to plan their memorial service, an aunt commented on how Emily was singing “God’s Big Backyard” all the way home from a camping trip 4 days before the accident.  It was a seed that God planted in her heart and now she is experiencing the greatness of God’s backyard in Heaven.

 I wanted to share this story with you, and thank you for the songs that plant God’s Word into hearts and minds of children.  They made an impact on this young girl’s life, and our prayer is that your ministry will continue to impact more lives of kids  everywhere.

 Keep up the good work, and from our hearts…Thank You!

 In Him,