Yancy is back with a new Little Praise Party song to score the Easter season. “He’s Alive, He’s Alive” celebrates that not only has death been defeated but Jesus is alive! That’s the best news ever!  Find some confetti, grab a megaphone and get ready to dance, sing and shout this truth with your little ones. This fun song is perfect for spring, Easter or any time of year!
Yancy shared: “I love writing songs that kids, parents, churches and schools can sing to celebrate some of the special days throughout the year. I know this song is packed full of Gospel truth and I can’t wait for it to soak into the hearts of the listener. I hope this song will inspire some dancing and cheers. Jesus is alive and that gives me not only joy but strength for each day.”
Listen, Download & Stream: https://sc.lnk.to/YLPha-s
Get the Video: https://www.worshiphousekids.com/…/91468/hes-alive-hes-alive