Heartbeat Curriculum

I am so excited because a dream of mine for years has finally become a reality. So often I talk with leaders struggling with kids worship and I realize that one of the key factors of the disconnect is a lack of understanding of what worship is, why we do it and how we participate. I’ve worked with my friend Johnny Rogers (Kidmo curriculum) to develop five lessons for to teach kids the heart of worship by looking at David’s life and example. Yes, full lessons of both large group and small group time. I’m beyond excited to introduce to you Heartbeat. It’s available now at YancyMinistries.com/Heartbeat

Learn more about the curriculum, the features and my heart and passion for it by watching this video.
Kids will engage in worship when they understand the purpose of worship. Learning from David about how to have a heart after God will be a Game Changer for your kids. Let’s teach them about worship together with Heartbeat!