Several months ago I was given the invitation to come be a part of a first. The first of anything is crazy exciting sometimes mixed with every other emotion possible cause well, it’s the first one. For me, I’m thrilled to be a part of Group’s KidMin Conference this October. It’s going to be a different type conference. Different how? Check out to learn more. I have many friends there that will also be sharing and teaching. Those are friends like Patrick Snow, Kenny Conley, Dan Scott, Dale Hudson, Gina McClain and Dick Gruber. I am blessed that many times throughout the year I get to go to work with my Dad. (Yeah, so I’m thirty but still I love my dad!) This is one of those occasions. I can honestly say after a lifetime of hearing my Dad teach, share, tell jokes and do his thing of loving people I truly love to hear him teach and share. He is a wise man. He has a passion to help others learn and grow so they don’t have to make the same mistakes he’s made over the years. He loves his “young guns” and truly cares about young leaders. He sees potential in those that many others don’t. He believes in those that need an extra shot of well, belief. What I’m looking forward to the most of these few days is spending time with and listening to my dad, Jim Wideman. He’ll be speaking in the general sessions. I’m more than ok with being called Daddy’s girl. In fact, I’m proud of it!

So come hang with me, my Dad and our friends. I hope to see you in Chicago!