I’m out and about on my Christmas tour having a good ol’ time! It’s so fun sharing this Christmas music with families and definitely is helping to get in the Christmas spirit!

Earlier this year I partnered with an organization called Sweet Sleep. They provide beds for orphans. Can you imagine not having a good, clean mattress and pillow to sleep on at night? There’s many kids all over the world that are faced nightly with unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions. You can learn more about this organization at http://www.sweetsleep.org. Sweet Sleep believes that a bed is a tangible expression of God’s love and that every child deserves a clean, comfortable place to sleep.

They have some amazing programs for groups and churches to do a group project to raise funds and resources. If you’re looking for a new way your church or group can partner with a missions project I highly recommend you checking out what Sweet Sleep offers.

This Christmas, you can give the gift of Sweet Sleep in honor or memory of friends and family. You can make a gift in any amount, providing beds, bedding or Bibles to orphans and we’ll send a card (or you can send an e-card) to your honoree letting them know of your gift. You can see the different items needed now in their new Gift Catalog at http://www.sweetsleep.org/givethegift

Many blessings to you and yours!