It’s finally here. The new CD “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams”. You can now download it on iTunes. You may find it in your local Christian bookstore. You can request the song “Don’t Stop” at Christian radio….it’s alll around fun times!

We are so excited for this release because we believe in the music. Not just the music itself but the message that’s in this music. We want you to hear it and  singalong in your cars, with your families, at church. on your ipods….well, you get the idea! Because we want to help get this music in your hand we have a deal for you. Get FREE SHIPPING November 1-7th on any order that includes the new “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams”. It’s available on CD, DVD or the Ministry Combo CD/DVD set. To get the free shipping is simple. Go to the select the items you want then enter the code: starsfreeship at checkout.

Don’t keep it a secret….spread the word!