This past weekend I went to see “Never Say Never”, you know the Justin Bieber movie. I couldn’t persuade my husband to go (way too not cool and embarrassing for him to go) so he recruited a couple students from our church’s youth group to go with me. Now before you go off making fun of me just give me a few minutes to redeem myself! 🙂 I do not have a case of Bieber fever however, I went as research to know, see and try to understand this person that so many in my musical audience are drooling for but more importantly he is connecting to. As performers, worship leaders, communicators that’s what its all about is connecting to the audience. I really didn’t know what to expect going in but have to say I’m blown away. I became a believer in Justin. I loved seeing the story of a young man with a dream and through hard work over time that dream is coming true. I say coming true cause it’s not over for him in any sense. If you haven’t seen the movie yet it’s filled yes, with lots of concert footage but also behind the scenes and different people in his story telling his story. (managers, friends, grandparents, etc.) Sitting there in the theater I was reminded again about what is one of my absolute favorite things to encourage kids wtih: their dreams. I walked away with a renewed sense and passion to encourage others that their dreams can come true….just like Justin’s.

See growing up I had a dream to make music. To basically do what I do. It was something I knew inside of me that was as true and real as the sun coming up each day or me knowing what my name was. Along the way growing up as I got to exercise that talent and learn by doing over and over I was so blessed to have many people in my life encourage me to pursue my dreams. Looking back there were so many in fact that spoke encouraging words into my life that I could never list them all by name. I just want to point out the significance their positive words spoken to me played in helping build my confidence to chase my dreams. They believed I could do it! I know at those points in my life as I was not as good and my talent was not as refined as it is today but that didn’t matter. These people saw the future, they saw what I could be and they helped me become that one day at a time. Opportunity by opportunity and encouraging word by word.

Back to Justin’s story: It was cool to see people in his life that have encouraged him along the way. When he was only a preschooler his mom’s friends from a church band (yes, I was very surprised to see and hear all the church references not to mention real prayers sprinkled throughout) that took notice of Justin’s interest in music and facilitated that by getting him a drum kit, even doing a fundraiser as he got older to get him a drum kit. He had a Mom and grand parents supportive of him. And in time he won over locals in his town, you tube, radio and the world one by one. If I could ask you to do one thing today it would be this: who can you encourage and support in their dream? It could be as simple as an encouraging word face to face or maybe a phone call or email. (A phone call from Toby Mac to my 18 year old self was just that: a huge boost of confidence!) Others may feel led to invest in the person whether that be equipment, training or lessons and if you feel led to do that totally cool. I just hope that you will join me in the “dreams will come true” bandwagon to cheer others on to pursue their dreams and more importantly that the God we serve does indeed have a plan for their life. Through faithfulness and commitment to him we can always be assured that good things will come for us as our dreams take shape and become part of our reality! People build other people up. Don’t underestimate the power that you have to help build others up to see their dreams come true.

I wrote a song about four years ago now called “Dreams Will Come True”. Like I said this is one of my favorite subjects. I wanted to write a song to encourage kids that God has a plan for their life and anything is possible for Him who believes! You can download the song for FREE right here

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I also know alot of you would be interested in using the song in your church at different services and programs that’s why I’m giving you the live lyric video of the song as well for FREE

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I hope it will be a huge blessing in the singalong times at your church to encourage kid’s faith in the “all things are possible” God that we serve! If you know others that would be interested in these free downloads then by all means tell them about it, encourage them to come here and download the music absolutely free, no strings attached!

Maybe you’re reading this and you realize you have a dream. I’d love to hear what it is….leave a comment on my blog here and tell us what your dream is. Let’s turn this into a dream wall. Like the many people who spoke life into me and my dreams I want to do the same for you. I hope you’ll choose to do the same for others in your life. You can never say never when you serve the God that we serve. Dreams Will Come True!

Peace, love and keep on dreaming my friends!