This year Yancy released a devotional for kids 9-12 years old that ties in to the songs on her “Rock-N-Happy Heart” CD. It’s 12 weeks of daily devotions packed full of God’s word on identity, worship, dreams, salvation and more. (Younger kids could go through it they just might need Mom and Dad’s help.)  As our Cyber Monday deal “Buy 2 Devotionals Get 1 Free”.  Simply order 2 devotionals, enter the code: rockndevo at checkout. Then we’ll automatically send you a third devotional for free with your order. There’s no limit to the quantity you order. so If you buy 6 devotionals we’ll send you 3 free or if you order 20 we’ll send you 10 free, etc.

Remember Google checkout users you MUST enter the coupon code a second time on the google checkout page for it to be applied to your order.
Thanks so much. We hope you’ll join our efforts of teaching kids the importance of daily time spent in God’s word and prayer. We believe this is the perfect age to help them dig deeper into their walk with Christ.
Happy Cyber Monday to you all!