Happy Friday and weekend to you.

Some of you have been requesting chord charts for the songs on “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas”. You can now download the charts and the song lyrics in a pdf on the media page.
So happy Christmas singalong to you and yours!

I’m in the Louisville, KY area today. We have another SuperStart event for preteens….then I’m off to Illinois on Sunday. One of the added perks of being in Louisviile is I get my favorite ice cream ever. Graeter’s ice cream. It’s from Ohio and only in Ohio and Kentucky….the “chip” ice cream is amazing and my favorite is “Coconut Chip.” So if you’re ever in the area stop in for a taste that will be so yummy! (And melt in your mouth….ha!) http://graeters.com/

Many blessings to you all. Thanks for your love and support.