I’ve hosted a few dance parties in my life. It’s fun to crank up the music, hang with friends and just celebrate. The song “Time To Celebrate” is just a fun-filled song. There’s no point to it. There’s no response to an issue. There’s no scripture that it’s based on it’s just about having fun, hanging with your friends.

I wrote the song with a co-writer I’ve written with over the years. Doug McKelvey is his name and he is a lyrical genius. He’s way smarter than most of us at creative writing and use of the English language 🙂 The second verse holds what is proving to be the favorite line of this song. “We’ll work it like a disco robot”. What is a disco robot? I have no idea but I like the sound of it……and in the recording process the drummer, Ken Lewis, was goofing off with a vocoder (weird keyboard instrument you talk into….nothing to do with drums!) and he recorded what could be the voice of a “disco robot”. It makes me laugh every time. Check it out:

Play “Time To Celebrate”

So, there it is. “Time To Celebrate” is nothing but a feel good party song that I hope will make you and your friends start celebrating!