This song was one of the last I finished for the record. Mainly because it started out as two different songs. I had been playing around with the verse and different chorus melody options for a while….then I had this other piece to a song that I thought was just a nice worship refrain that is what is now the bridge to the song “I Love You”. After never feeling like the pieces were quite right one day I put the two songs together and thought they fit and complemented each other nicely. It’s funny how songs work themselves out.

This is a very personal, sincere and tender worship song. I’ve been really blown away by the feedback of the song so far. As I’ve talked with different people that have heard the record they always bring up this song as one of their favorites. I led the song in worship at a few camps this past summer and it was the same way. Numerous times I had people coming up asking about the “I love You” song. I have to admit it’s one of my favorites on the record. It’s just a sincere prayer to the Lord to say “You’re #1. Let my busy life never forget the amazing things You’ve done for me. My heart’s desire is to love You with all that I have.”

Here’s a clip of the song….let me know what you think!
Play “I Love You”

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