There’s a lot of insecurities that people have. One them can be the desire and need to fit in. You know the usual popularity contest that we’re all in. The song “I Belong To Jesus” came from a place of realizing “I don’t care what people may say or what I might feel. I know that I’m a child of God. He loves me, knows everything about me and He has an amazing plan for my life.” This song is about finding the completeness we need. Letting our identity be found in what God says about us instead of what others say. It all goes back to that place of trust and resting in Him.

I’m reminded of my Mom telling me that as a baby and young child when I didn’t sleep or was fussy (and sad to say was quite often) she would rock me and sing this song that’s based on scripture “They that wait upon the Lord He shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings as eagles!” In her tired and probably delusional state of tending to a needy infant she would sing and pray that her strength would be renewed by the Lord our God who is strong. He is a present help in any kind of trouble we could ever face. Again I tell you, rest in Him. You are His. You have no reason to fear.

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I am healed, restored and forgiven
By the love of my Lord
I will sing
For all of my days
And every season
Your grace holds me
And Your love surrounds me

I belong to Jesus
He is mine
I worship Him forever
And His love divine
I sing to Him a new song
For what He’s done in me
I’m a child of the Father
That has been set free
Oh, I belong to Jesus
I belong to Jesus

His loving arms
Will never let me go
I belong to Jesus
His sweet embrace
Holds me this I know
I belong to Jesus
Oh His faithfulness
It will never end
I belong to Jesus
Let creation sing
All of the redeemed
I belong to Jesus