One of my favorite verses is definitely Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us.” I’m not sure if you are like me or not but have you ever experience opposition? Yeah, I’m sure you have. It starts when we’re a kid and the other kids in our life are picking their favorites, forming clicks, choosing team mates. The push back continues through our teenage years and even still as adults we can face opposition from time to time at work or even by those closest to us. I believe one of the reasons I love the verse in Romans so much is because it reminds me that absolutely nothing can stop God from being on my side. Everyday He is there cheering me on, routing for me to win. He wants me to see victory in every area of my life. When things happen that cause me to get discouraged it’s important I remember “God is for me!”. I think that when we truly let those words become what we believe it can change our whole outlook on life. It cause the pettiness of other’s choices to fade away into the sunset. It can take disappointments and turn them into hope and belief for what’s to come.

I love all types of music. I think there is something to having music that is filled with God’s Word. After all it’s His instruction to us but it’s also promises to us. Since most the concerts I do are for families and preteen students I really think long and hard about the words and message of my songs. I believe music has amazing power in our lives. There’s something that clicks in our brain that helps us remember things when it’s tied to a musical experience. That’s one of the reasons I’ve really tried to fill my songs with the truth of the BIble. This song “God Is For Me” is an example of that. The verses are filled with various verses and promises in God’s word. I hope that as you listen and in time sing along that the Bible would take root in your heart. May we be like David and say “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against God.”

Here is a sample of “God Is For Me” from “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams”.
Play “God Is For Me”