Heaven is going to be an amazingly cool place. It blows my mind to even try to think about what will be our eternal home when we are Christ followers. I’m so excited. Seriously think about the streets of gold….it’s gonna be awesome! The song “Forever & Ever” is a song about our future in Heaven.  We need to make everyday count of our time here on earth. Jesus is coming back, soon and very soon. Are we telling others about Him? Do we live our lives like we truly believe Jesus is coming back? Make a choice today to shine the light of Jesus to your world. (friends, family, community) Check out the lyrics to the first verse:

I’m gonna play my guitar

And sing my songs

I’m gonna tell this world

That it’s not my home, no

My time on earth

Is like a ticking clock

Better make it count

Before the time runs out

This is my temporary home

But when the trumpet sounds


You can hear the whole song on the media page http://www.yancynotnancy.com/music

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