I’ve enjoyed going on this journey with you. It’s been a joy to share about the songs on the new CD. Why I wrote them or chose to record them for “Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams”. We are to the end, song twelve. (If you didn’t catch all the others look back on the previous posts of my blog and read the other stories. They are all labled “Behind The Song”. I appreciate you taking the time to read these posts and for supporting the music. Please tell all your friends about the new CD. Use twitter, facebook, send an email, buy it as a gift but please help me spread the word about this music. It’s filled with the Word of God and His Words has the power to change lives in a powerful way. I’m grateful for the opportunities given and humbled to be a messenger of this Good News!

The song “Be Glorified” is a worship song. It’s not an anthem with a big finale like chorus. It’s simple. Simple song with a simple prayer. I don’t lead worship to bring attention to myself. That would be completely hypocritical. Worship is not about the one giving it it’s about the one we’re giving the worship to. We all worship something. You don’t believe me? Yeah, how do you spend your time? What do you spend your money on? What’s most important in your life? That’s probably your item of worship. “Be Glorified” has a different battle cry. It’s that Jesus would be the one lifted high and glorified in my life and heart. Not myself, not my friends or family, not my material possessions but instead, Jesus! I hope as you sing along it will become an opportunity of worship for you too. I thought it was a great message to end the album with because Jesus is the reason we are alive. May His Kingdom and His will be done in our lives. Be glorified Jesus. That’s my desire.

Play “Be Glorified”