IF you serve in Children’s or Youth Ministry


IF you are on a limited budget…read this.

ONLY144.com just launched their biggest sale ever, and it’s for Children’s & Preteen Ministry Resources.  It’s colossal!


It includes some really great stuff:

-Preteen Curriculum

-Worship Videos

-Small Group Stuff


-Illustration Videos

-Countdown Videos


-Conference Tickets

-Ministry Logos


What’s the deal:

-Only $97 for nearly $2,000 worth of resources

-Stuff from 15+ different producers

-Only available for 144 hours (ends on Thursday, January 19 at NOON!)


So, what’s my suggestions for making 2012 a great year?

Step 1: Grab this deal

Step 2: Stretch your budget x15+

Step 3: Get the stuff and get stocked for the year on Children’s and Preteen resources.

Step 4: BAM!  You’re off to a great start!

Visit http://www.only144.com before it’s too late.  Only a few hours remain!



P.S. Know someone who serves in Children’s or Youth Ministry?  Send them this deal!
P.S.S. The folks at ONLY144 are good friends and trusted ministry partners…they’ve got some sweet deals.