Hello friend,

I wanted to give you a big heads up for this Friday.

Something SWEET is happening! Ooh la la.

Don’t miss my special, uber-sweet, once-in-a-lifetime, totally epic sale starting at noon this Friday. If you’re looking to snag every worship video I’ve ever created plus a ton of other cool stuff from me and some of my personal favorite Kidmin music friends, you don’t want to miss this.

It starts Friday, April 27 at noon and only lasts 144 hours. Plus, there’s really cool prizes for the first 200 people who order. When it’s over, it’s over, so I hope you can take advantage.

ONLY144.com is kinda like GROUPON + WOOT for ministry resources. They’re trusted friends in ministry and I’m totally pumped to be offering my own deal with them. It’s gonna be sweet! So sweet in fact…that if you click on the cinnamon roll you can check out the deal.


I hope to see you this week in Atlanta at the Orange Conference #OC12. Blessings on all you’re doing to show kids Jesus!