Past, present and future I see the faithfulness of God. One of the things on my heart this year was TESTIFY. I’ve received some beautiful testimonies and stories from parents and church leaders across the USA but also throughout the world. Every video and picture of a child in their living room or kitchen singing my songs is humbling evidence of how I am able to make Jesus loud! I see sneaky videos from parents trying to capture their child singing in the back seat of the car. I scroll through social media and see videos I’ve produced on screens. Every photograph, video and note is evidence of lives impacted and I’m so grateful.
Daniel 12: 3 says: “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” You know I love glitter, sparkle and shine. These are a couple Bible verses I love. May how we live our lives in the days and years to come always be like stars in the sky. Philippians 2:13-15 “for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.”
Thank you for pushing play and letting me be a part of your days through my music and ministry. It’s one of my life’s greatest honors. I realize that our life’s greatest purpose is to testify to others of what God has done. I’d like to do that right now with an annual report on Yancy Ministries impact.
Happy New Year. Let’s make Jesus loud in 2023!
Yancy Ministries 2022 Year End Recap and Update:
  • This fall began the 25th anniversary of Yancy’s music ministry. Her first album “Big Weather Change” released October 1997. It’s been a long and fruitful journey and we are so grateful to still be making music and leading people to Jesus through it all these years later. Thanks for your support over these 25 years. Help us celebrate this milestone!
  • Big love, 5 star reviews and more were all given for Yancy’s first book. Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worship. Available in print, e-book and an audio book (We think it’s a pretty special experience having Yancy read it to you, sharing her heart.) Kari Jobe graciously wrote the Foreword to the book. So many leaders were impacted in profound ways by this message. Many said it was a book they had been praying for and knew they needed. Leaders were transformed and given revelation and knowledge they had desperately been seeking. We know God is continuing to use and expand this message. If you know any church leader whether that be a worship pastor, Senior Pastor, kids or students. This message is for them all so they can look at discipling their church to be the worshipers God made them to be.
  • This fall we counted up over 173 countries that push play on our music and resources. Isn’t that so cool? Social media is a gift when we you see a post or receive a message from a country so far away. It makes the most ordinary days feel extraordinary as you see the great commission at work and on display. Rejoice with us at the impact this represents. When Spotify released their annual Wrapped stats we learned about the 3.2 million streams we had nearly 300k listeners. That’s just on Spotify! Then you add in Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora and so many other platforms too. It’s pretty amazing to think about how we are helping kids fall in love with Jesus one song at a time!
  • Our YouTube channel “Yancynotnancy” continues to grow every single month. We currently have 45,000 subscribers and in 2022 alone had over 7.8 million video views. Tell families you know to check out to like and subscribe to our channel.
  • A fun fact both at YouTube and on Spotify was that April was our biggest month. We believe that’s because of the Easter/Resurrection songs we have. How cool to think about so many people singing along to those truths! One thing about online streaming is the numbers of usage looks very impressive but the pay rate for those streams is extremely low. This is your PSA reminder that for any artists that you enjoy their music, make sure you buy their merch or make a donation to their ministry to really support what they do. The pay for the streams itself isn’t enough to live and operate off of. Merch sales play a bigger part in their livelihood than ever before.
  • We continued our partnership with First Baptist Dallas’ iCampus Kids ministry. It’s an online children’s ministry and they have a new episode for both preschool and elementary each week. Yancy leads worship for both. It’s been fun traveling to Dallas to film her leading the songs. It’s even more fun to see photos and heart testimonies from around the world of people tuning in and being blessed by this ministry.
  • Many articles and blogs were written for: Worship Musician Magazine,, and other ministry organizations. Yancy has been preparing to teach her first college class as part of the spring A semester at Ascent College. It’s on Children and Worship. Adding professor to the list of accomplishments is an exciting step.
  • Yancy spoke on the main stage at D6 conference about the power of kids worship. She taught breakouts and shared her music with leaders at Children’s Pastors Conference, Experience Conference, Mega-Con Conference, Church of God Focus, Bible Creative Online, and continued teaching as faculty in Kidmin Academy.
  • A dream came true and we released the first “Yancy Plush Doll”. Now kids can have a stuffed animal type of doll of their friend to remind them to praise the Lord every day. It’s been fun seeing parents post photos of the adventures the doll has gone on with kids. We heard a Christmas day report of the Yancy doll  anging in a Barbie Dream house! Boys and girls are having fun and being reminded to make Jesus loud and that is what we are most excited about.
  • Our concert travels have remained slower during the school year (post Covid) making our summers very crazy. We are grateful for all the places Yancy is invited to lead worship and create incredible memories for families. We are still  believing for more family events and even preschool praise parties to happen throughout the school year providing more balance to our touring. See a video of what happens on the road at Consider planning an event for your community in 2023 to make Jesus loud!
  • Yancy was featured in her first Christmas special airing on Christmas Day on Shalom World TV. You can catch the Christmas Cheer with Yancy episode which really highlights the ministry Yancy has making music for kids. Consider it a little “behind the music” type of journalism. Good news, you can watch it on demand here.
  • The Little Praise Party and Yancy music videos are made available to families through partners like TBN, Right Now Media, Minno and Pure Flix. Churches like Life.Church use the music in all of their campuses! Curriculum resources like Disciplr and First Look partner to use our music. We are incredibly grateful for our partners big and small. This side of Heaven we will never fully understand the harvest that our seeds have reaped but my oh my what a glorious day in Heaven it will be where we see in full all that God has done.
Would you help Yancy Ministries?
  • We have several exciting new projects in the works releasing in 2023 we can’t wait to share with you. As we complete those projects and make release plans please pray for wisdom, creativity and favor in the release process.
  • Pray for future touring opportunities for 2023. We need opportunities at churches to do family concerts, lead worship and worship leader training/consulting. These in person and online events are an important way we support the ministry. Talk to your church about having Yancy. Share with them.
  • Pray for funding and provision for our team. There is staff that we need to add and support that we need to make that possible. It’s getting harder for Yancy to wear all the hats that she needs to wear in the spotlight and behind the scenes. This year we are believing to be able to delegate some things and hire help to enable her to do what only she can do writing, creating and performing.
  • Pray for a larger office space. As Yancy Ministries grows we also need more space here in the headquarters to operate and grow from. A space large enough to film in would be a huge blessing too.
  • Pray for wisdom as we navigate some opportunities ahead of us. We want to hear God’s voice and walk in obedience in every relationship and partnership. May we have clarity on what God wants us to do vs. just what’s a good idea!
  • Pray for more people to find out about Yancy’s “Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worship” Book. Pray with us that leaders will be drawn to its message in a way that no man can stop. We’ve seen some push back from the enemy this year and we know it’s because he does not like what this book says. He knows the power of worship and clearly wants to fight church leaders being aware of the generational impact that worship can affect. Pray the seeds it plants will fall on fertile ground ready to receive and grow the harvest of life-long disciples with a heart after God expressed through worship.
  • Pray for favor. This is such a key ingredient in what we do. We want to be like David where scriptures says “The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.” Let it be said of us.
  • GIVE. If you’ve been blessed by our ministry, pay it forward for someone else to be impacted in the same way. Whether it’s a year-end donation or an ongoing monthly gift we will continue to make the best music out there for kids and families. Songs filled with God’s Word and great musicality too. Thanks for prayerfully considering how you can partner with us.
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