“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 As we wrap up 2020 I have never understood that verse more than I do now. This has certainly been a unique year and a different kind of year of ministry than we have ever experienced before. There was a lot less doing. So many concerts and events cancelled. Conferences shifted to online. My travel schedule was greatly reduced to almost nothing. In fact, I only did six concerts since March of this year. I spent a lot less time with a microphone in my hand. I found stillness. I found silence and I certainly found God is everything we believe He is. He showed up in my life personally and for us as a ministry this year in ways that go beyond my comprehension. I honestly can’t even tell you exactly how God sustained and provided for us. I don’t fully understand it. I just know that every month He showed up. Jehovah Jireh made a way. We have lacked nothing. People have given to support us. We have shifted to provide online concerts to churches and even made a way for churches to use our music in online services. (More on that below.) We were thankful to get out there and do a couple Christmas concert events to close out the year and it was pure joy to help families celebrate the season.
2020 taught me that in the past it was easy to say I trusted God as my provider but honestly I trusted in the comfort level of what my calendar showed me He was providing. As the calendar was wiped clean I had to actually learn to trust Him. My friends, He is so faithful and so good.
One of my lifetime favorite verses is Ephesians 3:20&21. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” I’ve seen it to be true of my past and present. Knowing it will also be true of my future.
Thank you for pushing play and letting me be a part of your days through my music and ministry. I am oh so grateful for you.
Have the happiest 2021!
Yancy Ministries 2020 Year End Recap and Update:
  • We continue to receive mind blowing testimonies about our Heartbeat curriculum teaching the heart of worship. It is truly a joy to help disciple kids in the area of worship. A Senior Pastor led his whole congregation through the series this past summer. These lessons are powerful and we know this revelation will transform lives young and old to encounter God’s presence. Learn more about this curriculum at YancyMinistries.com/Heartbeat
  • Many articles and blogs were written for: Worship Musician Magazine and Kidzmatter Magazine and other ministry organizations.
  • Yancy taught about leading worship through live conferences like Children’s Pastors Conference, Children’s Ministry Expo, Assembly of God Kidmin Conference and then transitioned to online training and webinars for Kidmin Nation Mega-Con, Four Five Six Preteen Ministry, and continued teaching as faculty in Kidmin Academy.
  • We released our newest Little Praise Party resource Ready Set Go this year. It’s a super-sized resource for churches packed full of music, videos, coloring pages, motion tutorials and leader trainings. The journey of this project was full of God-ordained vision, instruction and provision. It has been so exciting to release it to the world. Songs featured include: Made In the Image, As For Me, Hungry & Thirsty (feat. Funny Man Dan of Hillsong Kids), He’s Alive He’s Alive, I Love My Mom, Not About the Weather and the title track “Ready Set Go”. Pull up the songs on your favorite streaming platform and soak up the heart behind the message of these songs. Get it for your church, school, daycare, camp or home at yancyministries.com/readysetgo
  • While you’re there you’ll see another new project in our Little Praise Party series that will release throughout 2021. It’s called Out of This World. The video for the title song features cartoon Yancy in a rocket ship. It will put a smile on your face. We know kids and churches are going to love these new songs and resources. Stay tuned for the single songs releases but you can get the full product collection with our pre-release now at yancyministries.com/readysetgo
  • Although it was fewer than a normal year we are still grateful for the concerts Yancy performed at churches all across the U.S.A. Leading kids in worship at a VBS and performing family, preschool and Christmas concerts. Live events are a blast. It’s a honor to help churches create special events that become lasting memories for families. See a video of what happens on the road at YancyMinistries.com/Events Consider planning an event for your community in 2021 to make Jesus loud!
  • We know over 98 countries use our music and resources. Isn’t that so cool? We’ve received many sweet reports this year that served as beautiful reminders of the impact we get to make. Take a look at this list: Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Costa Rica, Australia, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Bahrain, Chile, Germany, Guatemala, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Sweden, Peru, Belgium, Columbia, Romania, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Japan, Bolivia, Ireland, France, Austria, Ecuador, Norway, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Honduras, El Salvador, Czech Republic, Uruguay, Israel, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Nicaragua, Malta, Switzerland, Nigeria, Cameroon, China, Kuwait, Algeria, Spain, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, Greece, Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Namibia, Oman, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Paraguay, Slovenia, Senegal, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Uganda, Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Zambia, Mongolia, Mauritius, Cyprus, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Bulgaria, United States — Isn’t that list beautiful? We are thankful for every life this list represents. What a cool thing that music can transcend borders and touch hearts. What a gift!
  • The Little Praise Party and Yancy music videos are made available to families through partners like TBN, Right Now Media, Minno and Pure Flix. Churches like Life.Church use the music in all of their campuses! Curriculum resources like Disciplr, First Look & Orange VBS, I See It Productions and Go! Curriculum partner to use our music. We are incredibly grateful for our partners big and small. This side of Heaven we will never fully understand the harvest that our seeds have reaped but my oh my what a glorious day in Heaven it will be where we see in full all that God has done.
  • This past spring due to Covid-19, as soon as we realized churches would be closing their doors and shifting to online services and programs,  we were the first kids music resource to step up and say “use our music online”. We were blessed to offer gratis permissions for 75 days to churches to use our music and videos online without getting additional licensing to distribute it online. We were blessed and thankful to be part of the solution in this time. We knew that church was not just going back to how it had always been. As a ministry we were navigating what this looks like and how to steward what we have been entrusted with and the creativity we have invested in. Like everyone shifting and adjusting we prayed, met and came up with a new provision that we believe will be beneficial for ministries and families. At the same time help us sustain and advance the music ministry of Yancy Ministries for the days and years to come. So on June 1, 2020 we launched a new way to partner with churches with our ANNUAL STREAMING MASTER USE LICENSE. This is a blanket license a church can get to use all Yancy Ministries Audio and Video Masters in your services that you stream, livestream and allow to reside on the internet. This has been a wonderful way that God has provided for us in this season with less events. It’s been special to see churches tag us and share these posts knowing that families are being blessed. If your church provides content to families online make sure you check out YancyMinistries.com/streaming for more info on this.
  • This fall Yancy began writing a book that she knows God wants her to write . It’s to equip and train leaders about leading worship and the power of kids worshipping. We know her words are God-ordained. She is excited to continue the writing process after the holidays. This step feels like a new beginning and we are expectant for the fruit that this project will bear through the years.
Would you help me?
  • Pray for the future. There are still so many unknowns about 2021. We need opportunities at churches to do family concerts, lead worship and worship leader training/consulting. These in person and online events are an important way we support the ministry. Talk to your church about having Yancy. Share YancyMinistries.com/events with them.
  • Pray for the new Little Praise Party-Out Of This World music releasing in 2021.  Yancy is so excited to release these new songs. These are truly Spirit inspired lessons that she has wrestled with and learned from and we know that God is going to do big things.
  • Pray for a new worship song God put on Yancy’s heart to record. Every song and video we produce costs about $3,300.
    • Funds: We still need to raise $2,400 of support to complete the audio and video for this one.  We know God is big and He can do it! Share this ministry with others that can give and sow into the ministry. YancyMinistries.com/give
  • Pray for the book Yancy is writing. Pray for her words and the truth she needs to share to be communicated effectively.
    • Production: Many decisions need to be made about editing, publishing, design, endorsements and more. Pray for wisdom, creativity, favor and provision at every turn.
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