10th anniversary sale
I had started dipping my toe in creating music for kids before, but it was ten years ago this month that I went all in…100% in my commitment to making music for kids.
Preteens (ages 8-12) have always been a huge focus of my musical direction and I made “Rock-n-Happy Heart” for them. I was coming off a rough season where I had experienced heartbreak in my life, testing of my faith and refining by fire. It’s amazingly humbling to look back and see how God did something beautiful through it all.
Rock-n-Happy Heart is my anthem, the overflow of my heart, shouting the truth of God’s Word, even when life gets hard. Thousands of kids have sung these songs around the world and made them their cry as well. What God has done in and through me these past ten years is a testimony for His glory and I’m gonna shout it out!
Forever Thankful!
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