Hello there my friends,

I hope your spring is off to a warm and bright start. It’s amazing the difference the weather, green grass and flowers blooming can make. Ah, I’m loving every second of springtime. Today is Good Friday and I can’t help but think and process what Jesus did for us. Today is a bittersweet day. The day that Jesus gave up His life and died for you and me. I’m excited for Easter Sunday and the celebrations of His resurrection but today I can’t help but be thankful for the sacrifice He made. I read a tweet earlier this week that has stayed with me the past few days. Louie Giglio wrote “The Healer died so the fatally wounded could live.” Process that for a minute.

The perfect one died for the imperfect. The one who is whole died for the broken. The one who can fix and mend and heal died for those who are wounded, hurting and sinful. Thank You Jesus for shedding your blood on my behalf. This weekend as you celebrate with family and friends make sure you remember what’s it’s really all about.

Happy spring.

Happy Easter.

Happy day for you and me!


P.S. Since it’s Springtime my song “The Springtime Song” off the new “Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday” seems appropriate. Take a listen.

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