Fall Dates for Family Concerts

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This fall I’ll be in St. Louis, Atlanta, Orlando, Louisville, and Columbus (OH). I’d love to come lead worship or do a family concert while I’m in the area for a reduced fee. Contact Megan in my office at info@YancyNotNancy.com today for more details or call 615-631-6862 to get your date on the calendar.

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Yancy wins Producer Award for Worship Track from WorshipHouseMedia

The news is out. WorshipHouseMedia just had their 2015 Producer award and Yancy won for best worship track with her lyric video for the song “Oceans” (Made popular by Hillsong United). Yancy said, “The best part of awards like this is knowing all the people using the resources in local churches. That is what makes this award possible. I love creating resources for the church and am so thankful people have responded so well to this video!”

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MultiTracks for Kids Worship from Yancy!

Acclaimed singer/songwriter and family worship leader, Yancy, has a great passion for helping point children to Jesus through worship. “Our praise is powerful. Kids praising God is the most powerful of all. I love leading kids in worship because it is so sweet and sincere. It is pure and unashamed. Nothing brings a tear to my eye like a group of kids lifting their hands and singing songs of worship. I think every time I experience kids worship I better understand how I’m suppose to worship.

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