Christmas In July Sale

Yancy loves Christmas and would celebrate it year round if she could. We thought we should jump at the opportunity to have a little Christmas in July. So, now through July 31st we are going to have a sale. A big sale in fact, $5 CD’s and $10 DVD’s. Stock up on your favorites especially“Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas”. Consider it planning ahead or being prepared. No matter what it’s a chance to save big.

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Great KidMin Idea

imageI just finished performing at a rockin’ VBS in Alabama this past week where they had a great idea to help advertise the family concert. To make sure that parents got the information about the concert, they put a sticker on each child advertising the event right before the parents picked them up. I think this is a great idea for ‪#‎kidmin‬ and I’m sure you can all think of about a million other ways you could use this with your kids!

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Birthday Party For Me – 50% Off Sale For You

July 16th is my birthday. Birthdays are a big deal at my house. I like to celebrate big and I love for my friends and family to join in the celebration.

This year for my birthday I’m giving you the party gift. Save 50% on everything in my store on

1. Add whatever you want to the cart.

2. Enter code: birthday  at checkout to receive your 50% discount.

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The Gospel Music Association Interviews Yancy

Back in 1999 Yancy won a talent competition with the Gospel Music Association. (Same competition that Jars of Clay won) Check out their latest newsletter where they catch up and interview Yancy.

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CCM Shares The Latest News From Yancy

If you’ve been a Christian music fan for a long time you’ve probably heard about CCM Magazine. It’s been around for decades. It’s now all digital and we are very happy that they shared about Yancy in their July issue.  Turn to page 12 to see Yancy in their “Out & About” Feature and then turn over to page 60 for their 4 star review on “Roots for the Journey.”

You just might want to keep flipping through the pages to read up on some of your favorite Christian artists.

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