Limited Edition Hard Cover Devotional

For Christmas we have a limited edition hardcover version of the Rock-N-Happy Heart devotional. This 12 week daily devotional ties into the songs on the CD of the same name and because Yancy loves Christmas and the spirit of giving so much we are giving you a crazy good deal. While supplies last you can get the HARDCOVER devotional and CD for only $9.95. What? We know, it’s a great deal….so buy one for every preteen or elementary aged kid on your shopping list.

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Black Friday Super Duper Sale

Black Friday is a whole lot brighter in Yancy’s world! THIS Friday and Saturday, enter the code blackfriday at checkout on to receive 50% off your entire purchase! YES… you will get an additional discount on items already marked down! This is an awesome way to kick off the holiday season and stock up on all your rock-n-happy gifts for kids of all ages!

Here’s what you do:


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Inspiring Words That Still Shake Me

Earlier this year I watched some of the MTV Movie Awards. There was an award given and an acceptance speech that has stuck with me. Emma Stone was inspiring and challenging…especially if you’re a girl with a dream (and I classify myself as one!) I’ve been thinking about her words the past couple days and thought I’d share it with you. I hope you’re inspired to work harder, try more and dream bigger!

“Thank you,

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Free REMIX download of “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas”

Are you ready to put the Christmas season in motion? You know by now how much Yancy LOVES Christmas. It truly is her favorite time of year. Yancy wanted to have a little Christmas fun this season so she had a remix made of her song “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas”. We think it’s quite fun and snazzy and will get your toe a tapping and probably your mouth a singing! How do you get this special Christmas remix you ask?

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$5 T-Shirt Sale

So, this is one of those events that just only comes about once in awhile. If you’re like us we are gearing up for Christmas. Especially the giving part of Christmas. And we like a good deal. We thought we’d help you jumpstart the gift giving fun with a special that is just an incredible deal. What is it you ask? A $5 t-shirt sale. Yep, get the Graffiti shirt for only $5.

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Together In 10

I am so excited to tell you about a new website that my mommy-blogger friend Jessica is launching today called Together in Ten! You met Jennifer a few months ago on my Little Praise Party blog tour when we stopped by her blog This new website is a style blog for moms who don’t have a whole lot of time to spend getting ready. I will be guest blogging for them from time to time to help inspire you to look your best in a short amount of time to be able to tackle whatever your day brings!

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Instagram And New Record


Some of you have already found me on Instagram. Yep, I’m on Instagram as yancynotnancy …..if you don’t know what it is you need to check it out on your smart phone. Download the app, find your friends and start posting your life in pictures. That’s what I’ll be doing especially this month.

Today is the official start to my new record to release in early spring.

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