Yancy Named About.com’s Best Indie Solo Artist

This morning Yancy was named About.com’s Best Indie Solo Artist.  Thanks to everyone who voted over the past few weeks.  Here’s the article:

In the beginning, almost 150 male and female artists from all of the genres found within Christian music were nominated for the Best Christian Indie Solo Artist. Five ladies stood head and shoulders above the rest and they were named your finalists. Each brought big talent and even bigger hearts for ministry to the voting table.

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Last Words

So this weekend I was thinking about last words. We hear the expression “famous last words” often throughout our lives. From time to time we might even imagine the reality of our fleeting lives and think about the last words we said or would wish to say to our family and those that mean the most to us. I’ve lived enough at this point in my thirty one years to have had some different phases,

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Me, Winning and Little Praise Party

Wow, it’s been busy around here lately. We celebrated Sparrow’s birthday twice. One party was at home in Tennessee and another in Oklahoma.  There’s been lots of concerts, conferences and meetings lately too. My house is an explosion of suitcases, laundry, toys and mail at the moment. It’s been fun and I’m thankful for the open doors God has sent my way.

So, if you’ve seen me on facebook or twitter lately you know that I’m trying to win a contest for “2012 Best Christian Indie Solo Artist”.

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VOTE for Yancy to be 2012 Best Indie Solo Artist

Exciting news: I’ve been selected as a finalist in the 2012 About.com Readers’ Choice Awards. I was nominated for BEST INDIE SOLO ARTST! I need your help to win this award. It is completely fan vote based. So, if you could go Vote here: http://christianmusic.about.com/od/ReadersChoice/tp/2012-Readers-Choice-Awards-Nomination.htm Fan voting is NOW OPEN and will remain open until March 21st. Everyone can vote once per day. Winners will be announced on March 30th. While you’re there you can choose to post a link on your facebook page and also tweet out a message to your friends.

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