Oh, The Impact Of A Song

It never ceases to amaze me how music impacts us. At the core it seems so simple. Nothing complicated, no studying or tests are involved. Music truly touches us at our core. I love that those little melodies and lyric phrases soak into our core and stick with us. And I do mean stick to us. Just yesterday, I was sitting at my church after a meeting and randomly an old Sunday School song was playing in my head and I started singing it.

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Go VOTE For Yancy

The nominations for the About.com‘s 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards (Christian/Gospel Category) are now open and live:


Nominations will be open January 18th through February 15th. Voting will run from February 22nd through March 21st. Winners will be announced on March 30, 2012.

Please go vote for Yancy as “Best Female Vocalist”, “Best Unsigned Christian Artist”, “Best Inspirational/Praise & Worship Artist”, “Best Band To See In Concert”.

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$97 for nearly $2,000 worth of Children’s and Preteen Ministry Resources

IF you serve in Children’s or Youth Ministry


IF you are on a limited budget…read this.

ONLY144.com just launched their biggest sale ever, and it’s for Children’s & Preteen Ministry Resources.  It’s colossal!


It includes some really great stuff:

-Preteen Curriculum

-Worship Videos

-Small Group Stuff


-Illustration Videos

-Countdown Videos


-Conference Tickets

-Ministry Logos


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It’s finally here, Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday

Over the past couple years I’ve had what felt like non-stop requests for more preschool music in the LIttle Praise Party series. I’ve been working on the project now for some time so it’s so exciting to me that this week “Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday” is finally available. Check it out here at: http://yancynotnancy.com/store/ministry-resources/#left_column

There are fifteen new songs plus a bonus lullaby mix of one of the songs. I’m thrilled that there are songs to help kids celebrate some of the most special days/seasons of the year including Easter,

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First Christmas, New Year, New Things

I hope you and yours had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. Mine was especially fun and filled with new memories made as it was Sparrow’s first Christmas. Now, ten months, he was full of smiles, hugs and had fun playing with some of his new toys. Our home was definitely with much joy this Christmas, with some extra thanks for the blessings we’ve been given this past year. Last week we had family in town and then friends from out of state.

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A Happy Day Everyday

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — Unlike many recording artists, Yancy has never been accused of releasing projects that begin to sound the same. That’s because with over a decade under her belt, Christian music’s most diverse artist has managed to successfully record and release projects for the family – the entire family. On January 10th, Yancy returns with Little Praise Party: Happy Day Everyday (Elevate Entertainment), a CD and companion DVD designed specifically for preschool age kids.

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