How You Can Help My Friends In Joplin, MO

Over the past four years I’ve worked with an organization called Christ In Youth on both their Believe and SuperStart events. Christ in Youth is based in Joplin, MO so as the news of the tornado that destroyed so much in that city hit I immediately thought of those there I call friends. Sadly, I found out one of those friends had lost their home completely…thankfully all lives were spared including a little baby girl that’s younger than my baby Sparrow.

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Planning To Attend Kidmin Conference in Chicago?

One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is the Kidmin Conference in Chicago. If you haven’t heard of it before there’s a reason. It’s a brand new conference that’s starting this year in Chicago, IL. The conference is October 7-10, 2011. Learn more at Chicago is a great town with yummy pizza, Garrett’s popcorn and plenty other opportunities for fun.

Kidmin Conference is gonn a be a great four days of networking,

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My First Mother’s Day

This year is proving to be about family. I got things kicked off this year with some events out on the road and then of course my baby was born back on February 25th. This summer my sister is getting married so there’s just all sorts of family fun happening these days.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. I sure hope you were kind to your Momma! 🙂 Obviously it was my first year to get to celebrate being a Mom.

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Summer Fun… CMX 2011

One of the things this summer I’m looking forward to is CMX. The Children’s Ministry Expo. Last year was it’s inaugural year and it was a fun time. (Not to mention I turned 30 there and told my parents I was going to have a baby!) This year will be ever bigger and better…I’m going back and bringing baby Sparrow along with me. Here’s all the official details:

CMX ( has now released the 2011 schedule for the Children’s Ministry Expo in Lexington,

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And the iPad Winner is…

Over the past six months Yancy has been collecting names of church leaders that she met at different conferences and events. These names were going into a drawing to win an iPad. Lucky for these awesome pastors and ministry directors the iPad 2 recently released and our little collection of names came to an end. We want to congratulate Trisha Hegemeyer of Lone Star Cowboy Church in Montgomery, TX as our winner. She recently received her iPad 2 from Yancy and was very excited!

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