New Devotionals For Kids In Stock

New Devotional for kids is in stock and you can get free shipping!

We are so excited that the all new Rock-N-Happy Heart: The Devotional is in stock and ready to ship. This daily devotional for preteens is based on the songs from Yancy’s Rock-N-Happy Heart CD, and it matches each song to a different chapter over the span of twelve weeks. Topics include whom God created us to be, worship, devotion, salvation,

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Spring Time Music Is On The Way

Hello, Hello. The past few weeks have been keeping me busy. I’ve been in the studio recording some new preschool songs for the next Little Praise Party (which will release early 2011.) These first 5 songs have been a blast to write and record. I’m excited about an upcoming opportunity for you to get your hands on these 5 new tracks for a limited time. I’ll updated you soon on the details. Just to wet your appetite here’s some video footage of the kiddos in the studio.

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Interview For The Examiner

This past weekend Yancy was interviewed by Nancy Purdy in Dallas, Texas. You can read her article for The Examiner HERE.

“There are few artists that can keep children, teens, and adults entertained and Yancy seems to be one of the few. She has used her God given talents to create her own sound and then poured that sound into a variety of projects that go beyond one niche.

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God’s Master Plan

When I look back on my life I’m truly amazed. I always set out to sing and make music but I”ll be honest when I was a teenager dreaming dreams and making plans the journey that I would take has not always panned out in reality the way I dreamed. Looking back on these past almost 13 years that I’ve been making music professionally I’m amazed at how much God has done. Every day, opportunity,

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New On The Horizon

So far my 2010 has been treating me well. I’m excited for this year and all it will bring. We are just a month away from the release of “Rock-N-Happy Heart: The Devotional”. It’s not a CD. It’s not more music. It’s a book for preteens and older elementary age kids to help teach them the importance of a daily devotional time. It’s a 12 week devotional based on the songs from the Rock-N-Happy Heart CD.

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