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- Mac Powell (Third Day)

May 17, 2019

VBS Music 2019 Song List

Time has gotten away from me this year in making a supplemental VBS song list. But, if you are doing “In the Wild”, “Power Up” or “Roar” you can see my recommendations now! If you’re doing something else email us at info@yancyministries.com and I will do my best to make a list of suggested songs for those themes ASAP. Thanks to all of you that sing my songs and use my videos. I love being your partner in ministry!

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May 4, 2019

Monuments…And The In-Between on I-24

At some point the past year I came across a song called “Monuments”. It’s lyrics blew me away and stopped me in my tracks from the very first listen.

“One look at what You’ve done
Is A glimpse of what’s to come
Every miracle, Every step of faith
Every victory, rises up to say
We are the monuments
Of Your Faithfulness”

See for awhile I’ve felt like I was at an in-between space.

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February 20, 2019

I Did A New Thing: Countdowns

I decided to try something new. This something new is because time is ticking away, literally! Meet my new COUNTDOWNS:

Super Wonderful Countdown (extra perfect for your next superhero themed event or series)
Strength & Shield Countdown (high energy, colorful, and perfect for your next worship service, VBS/camp or special event.)

Your download includes two audio versions: Full mix with the vocals singing (A great way to connect to worship songs you currently use or plan to introduce) and a complete instrumental track.

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Yancy leading worship at SuperStart.